Cannabis Drinks: What Even Are They?

Cannabis drinks are the new hype on the market. Though there’s still a variety of incredible strains and edibles to choose from, the introduction of THC and CBD-infused drinks has dramatically shifted the recreational and medical market. Some might find the concept peculiar, but drinking weed isn’t that uncommon. It’s a practice that goes back centuries. Cannabis tea, for instance, became a popular choice once upon a time because it provided excellent therapeutic relief without smoking. Cannabis Drinks reddit

These days, people aren’t necessarily steeping their stems to turn into liquid THC. Weed drinks are dominating the shelves of cannabis dispensaries across the country. The typical small dosage makes edible drinks a perfect option for anyone that isn’t into smoking or doesn’t appreciate baked goods. Plus, drinkable weed comes in various options — THC water, juices, sodas, and even beer-flavored beverages. The latter is best for those who like the taste of beer but are trying to avoid alcohol. Cannabis Drinks reddit

It’s not hard to imagine why drinking THC is a rising trend. The bubbly flavors mask cannabis pungency. The doses are easier to control. There are so many reasons why THC drinks are becoming more popular by the day.

Still, people have many questions surrounding the popular beverages found at dispensaries nationwide. People haven’t necessarily understood the science behind cannabis drinks since many of these products are new to the market.

How Do You Get High From THC Drinks?
So how can you drink weed? The preparation of cannabis drinks allows for immediate consumption by the time it gets to the consumer. Each can already contain active THC, but it makes you wonder how cannabinoids infuse into water-based solutions. Marijuana needs heat for the cannabinoids to work correctly. THC and CBD are also fat-soluble and can infuse easily with butter and oils. However, they are soluble with alcohol, which is how tinctures emerged.

So, how does THC infuse into a cannabis drink? Technological advancements shifted how cannabinoid molecules break down. Nano-emulsification is a process that breaks down THC and CBD into microscopic particles. From there, the tiny molecules blend with an emulsifier — an agent that incorporates water and oil together.

The process of a drinkable pot goes through three critical steps. First is CO2 extraction, where raw cannabis materials meet liquid carbon dioxide under rigorous pressure and extreme heat. Cannabis concentrate forms after the CO2 is released. Then, producers refine the extract into a cannabis distillate. The short-path distillation process requires vacuum and heat control to turn the concentrate into a distillate. The emulsifier comes in, turning the distillate into a drinkable THC. Cannabis Drinks expo

Why Is Nano-Emulsification Best For Making A Marijuana Drink?
Producers and experts tinked with the nano-emulsification process over the years, which helped introduce products like weed water to the market. The particles are so tiny that the oil can dissolve into the water instead of separating. However, this process also helps the effects of THC and CBD kick in quicker. Nano-emulsification allows the body to absorb the cannabinoids faster without the liver having to process them. The THC will soak through the stomach lining, and the effects will kick in within five to 15 minutes. In the case of edibles, it’s usually between 30 minutes to an hour. Drinking THC in water-based solutions increases the amount of THC that enters your bloodstream, which is ideal for consumers with higher tolerances.

Another typical process is macro emulsification. Many companies use macro emulsification for making marijuana drinks if they don’t have the proper research or resources. Macro emulsions leave the THC molecules untouched, so the weed water needs a shake to activate the molecules. However, the effects process through the liver is similar to an edible, which takes a bit longer to feel.

What’s The Best Dose For Cannabis Beverages?
The best part about a marijuana drink is that they are way easier to dose. Cannabis beverages are widely popular among those who don’t necessarily consume cannabis regularly. Still, the effects are mighty, even in small quantities. You’ll typically find THC drinks in smaller amounts, beginning with 5 mg. Depending on your state, the regulations could limit products to specific amounts. However, some producers have weed drinks between 20 – 50 mg to 100 – 150 mg of THC. Cannabis Drinks expo

What Type Of Cannabis Beverages Are Available?
The options for cannabis beverages are comprehensive right now. As the market for cannabis drinks flourishes, there are more organic options, like the different herbal teas, to energy drinks that are bound to boost your day. The packaging for these edibles are also highly impressive and certainly draw in attention!

Coffees & teas are a perfect option for the wake and bake enthusiast. These are in bottles and single pods — perfect for a coffee machine — and can bring an excellent blend of caffeine and weed. For those who don’t like coffee and tea but want a quick wake-up, cannabis energy drinks are another great option.

Sodas are likely among the most common type of cannabis beverage available on the market right now. The carbonation and sugary flavors mask any taste of marijuana. A cold soda is already satisfying on a hot day, but the addition of THC is a bonafide game-changer. Similarly, weed water and tonic beverages shift to deliver an equally thirst-quenching experience with smooth, calming effects. These two options have all-organic ingredients. Consumers can also use sodas and tonic beverages for cannabis mocktails.

There are also canned THC mocktails available. These are non-alcoholic products, but they are pretty tasty. THC-infused mocktails are a rising trend in the market, especially as more people try to wean off alcohol. THC beers on the market also cater to those who don’t want to drink alcohol.
There are no limitations to the cannabis industry. With technological advancements pushing the industry forward, the cannabis drink market will hit $2.8B in 2025. If you haven’t tried them out, the branded packaging for edible drinks are sure to draw you in and there’s certainly an array of options that will appease your taste buds.

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