Buying Lemon Cherry Gelato

Buying Lemon Cherry Gelato Online Buying Lemon Cherry Gelato is a hybrid strain with an aroma thatis reminiscent of citrus fruits, cherries, berries, and flowers.This product is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that has high levels of THC and CBD.Lemon Cherry Gelato is an Indica-dominant hybrid, with a THC levelof 19%-28%. It is a cross between Girl […]

Buy RS11 Strain

Buy RS11 Strain Online Buy RS11 strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that was originally  bred in Deep East and grown by Wizard Trees. The strain  came to the United States where it quickly gained a reputation  for being one of the best Sativa strains available.  The effects are typically uplifting and energetic, perfect  for anyone […]

Duck sauce strain

Duck Sauce Strain Duck Sauce is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that has a fruity flavor profile.  The strain has been growing in popularity. And has gain popularity  as a result of its high THC/CBD content and pleasant aroma.  Thanks to its moderate growing requirements, Duck Sauce  can be grown indoors or outdoors with ease. If […]

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