Guide to Weed Delivery Services – Tips & Tricks

Ever since the pandemic hit, more businesses worldwide began realizing just how necessary delivery services could be. The cannabis industry is no exception. Delivery services were prominent even before the prohibition. Beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, delivery has stuck around, and major corporations are cashing out. For example, Uber announced they’d deliver weed in Ontario, Canada, where cannabis is legal and it’s proven to be a success. There’s no doubt that we’ll see this trend pick up even further once cannabis is legalized on a federal level. However, maximizing profits through various cannabis ancillary businesses, like delivery, is critical for businesses elsewhere.

How Do Weed Delivery Services Work?
Purchasing cannabis couldn’t be any easier with delivery services. Just like clothes or even pizza, many dispensaries and cannabis companies have an online space where you can place orders and get them right to your door. Cannabis operators sometimes sell directly to their clients, many of which have medical cards. However, those seeking recreational cannabis can often find apps that assist them with locating preferred strains catered to their location.

You’ll have to open up an account with the respective online store when ordering dispensary delivery. Sometimes, it might take a few hours to verify your ID, but after that, you place an order, put in your address, and schedule your delivery. A driver will come with the goods in discrete packaging for cannabis. It’s a straightforward process that helps ease in-store congestion and provides customers with the convenience of shopping without needing to leave their homes.

How Much To Tip Weed Delivery Services
Weed delivery drivers deserve all the praise. Rain or snow, they come through when we don’t have time to rush to a dispensary or just aren’t up for the trek. That’s why tipping is critical. Each industry has its customs regarding gratuity fees, and cannabis is no different.

It’s worth noting that cannabis delivery drivers are legitimate drivers that bring cannabis door-to-door across your city or region. Though, at one point, delivery services in cannabis operated in the underground, some people dedicate their days to providing people with exceptional services.

You might be wondering what the proper amount to tip a delivery driver — a fair question if you’re new to this service. In many places, people argue that 15% – 20% is the right amount. However, if the journey is particularly lengthy, it’s undoubtedly appreciated if you top that off with a few additional bucks. But, if the service differed from your liking, you might rethink that amount.

Tipping: Cash Or In App?
There are a few options when you want to tip your driver. Hard cash is the original version before apps and technological advancements in the industry. However, with the rise of delivery apps, there’s typically a built-in option to tip the driver. So, which one is better?

There are pros and cons, whether tipping through an app or providing straight cash to the driver. Tipping through the app is just as convenient as ordering cannabis. The charge will go straight to your card without sweating about finding a change to hand over to the delivery person. The possible downfall of tipping through your app is that it might only partially go to the driver. Sometimes, businesses will take a cut of the tips or take the whole thing outright. It’s certainly not all dispensaries and retailers that picked up this practice, but many do.

At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with providing cash tips to the delivery person. In some instances, drivers prefer this method. However, some risks are attached to carrying cash, especially if the driver is also holding onto products of high value or is doing deliveries at night.

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