The 5 Best Ways to Smoke Hash

The 5 Best Ways to Smoke Hash

There are numerous ways to smoke hash, from the most basic to the more inventive. But because hashish consists of cannabis plants in their concentrated form, it’s not enough to simply light it up and inhale. Whether you’re making your own dry sift hash with a pollen press or buying premium-grade ice water hash from your local dispensary, it’s important to understand the intricacies of how to smoke hash. 

1. Adding Hash to a Joint of Blunt 

One basic way to smoke hash is to twax it, or to combine it with cannabis flower and smoke it as part of a traditional joint, blunt, or spliff. The process is pretty simple. Just line your rolling paper or blunt wrap with a thin line of ground cannabis flower, and then add a layer of hash. Finally, add a second layer of flower at the top and roll your cigarette as you normally would. Now you’re ready to light it and enjoy. 

If this is your first time smoking cannabis concentrates, we definitely recommend starting with the joint/blunt method. Pure hash can contain up to 60% THC, and this method lets you start small by simply sprinkling in a few hash crumbles rather than diving in head-first. 

2. The Hot Knives Method 

The hot knives method is one of the oldest ways to smoke hash, carried over from the black-market days when dab rigs and vape pens were mere science fiction. For this method, you’ll just need two old butter knives, a plastic water or soda bottle, and a bit of hash (just a dollop; don’t use too much hash or you’ll have a mess on your hands). As a bonus, this is a great way to reuse plastic bottles that would otherwise have been discarded. 

First, cut your plastic bottle in half to use as a spottle (a tool that allows you to catch and inhale the cannabis). Then heat your two butter knives against a stove burner until they’re extremely hot. Finally, place a bit of hash between the knives and press them together. Massage the hash between the knives and catch the smoke inside the water bottle. Inhale and enjoy. It’s a crude method of smoking hash, but it never disappoints. 

3. Dabbing Hash 

Dab rigs have come a long way in recent years. To dab hash, add some water to the water chamber, and use your e-nail to heat the banger to a temperature between 350 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you hit your desired temperature range, use a dabber to place your hash onto the banger. Place a carb cap over the banger, lean into the mouthpiece, and start drawing. Remove the carb cap and inhale. 

Dabbing is only recommended for full-melt (5-star or 6-star) hash. Bubble hash works well. If you’re using food-grade or half-melt hash, you’re going to get weak hits and a nasty throat burn. You may be able to get away with using half-melt hash if you have an excellent dab rig, but don’t even try it with cooking-grade (1- to 2-star) hash.

4. Vaporizing Hash 

Certain vaporizers can melt hash similar to a dab rig. However, you have to make sure that the vaporizer accommodates concentrates (or use a cannabis concentrate adapter). Also, if you’re vaping hash, it’s especially important to use a full-melt hash product.

Assuming you’ve got the right setup and the right product, all you have to do is insert a small amount of hash into the chamber, set the temperature between 350 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and fire it up. Then just inhale through the mouthpiece.

5. Smoking Hash in a Pipe or Bong

If you don’t have fancy dabbing equipment, or if your hash just isn’t pure enough to melt as well as you’d like, you can sprinkle it into your bowl or try pipe-smoking hash. Much like the joint/blunt method above, you would just need to mix it with cannabis flower. Place a thin layer of flower at the bottom of the pipe, add a chunk of hash above the flower, and light.

If you’re using a pipe, you can also smoke hashish on its own without the layer of flower. You would just need to place a metal screen into the chamber. This will help to ensure an even burn (otherwise the hash might drop to the bottom of the pipe as soon as it starts melting). 

Get the Most From Your Hash Stash 

There are a lot of ways to consume hash, each with its own pros and cons in terms of simplicity, cost, and quality requirements. Try a variety of approaches to find your preferred method. We recommend starting with the highest-quality hash possible, so it’s best to shop at a dispensary and ask for a 5- or 6-star bubble hash. You can find these products among our selection of cannabis concentrates in Seattle. 

Once you get the hang of smoking hash, you may never want to go back to straight bud. Enjoy hash responsibly.

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