Drug Maker Recalls ADHD Medicine Over Label Mixup

ADHD Medicine, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued a voluntary recall for a medication used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. The recall was initiated by Azurity Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of the drug Zenzedi, after it was discovered that incorrect pills were included in the medication packages. Azurity announced the recall on January 24, covering one lot of Zenzedi 30 milligram tablets with the lot number F230169A and an expiration date of June 2025.

According to the FDA, a pharmacist reported finding antihistamine pills (carbinoxamine maleate) in a package labeled as Zenzedi. The recall involves medication distributed nationwide through retail pharmacies, prompting pharmacies and drug wholesalers to remove the affected drug from their shelves in compliance with the recall. cannabis for ADHD UK Patients who purchased packages from the recalled lot are advised to return any remaining pills to the place of purchase, and those experiencing adverse reactions are urged to consult their healthcare provider. cannabis for ADHD

Drugs Have Opposite Effects

Zenzedi, a stimulant containing dextroamphetamine sulfate, is commonly prescribed for treating narcolepsy and ADHD. In contrast, carbinoxamine maleate, an antihistamine with sedative effects used to treat allergies, was mistakenly included in the affected packages. Patients who unknowingly consume carbinoxamine may experience adverse effects such as drowsiness, sleepiness, central nervous system depression, increased eye pressure, enlarged prostate, urinary obstruction, and thyroid disorder.

The FDA emphasized that patients mistakenly taking carbinoxamine instead of Zenzedi may experience undertreatment of their symptoms, leading to functional impairment and an increased risk of accidents or injury. The recall notice also outlined potential adverse events associated with the incorrect medication, highlighting the importance of returning the affected product. cannabis for ADHD Australia

Recall Comes During Shortage of ADHD Meds

Azurity Pharmaceuticals promptly sent recall notification letters to drug wholesalers on January 4 and organized the return of all affected products at the wholesale level. The company reported no serious injuries resulting from the mix-up. cannabis for ADHD Australia

This recall adds complexity to the ongoing nationwide shortage of medications used to treat ADHD, including the drug Adderall. Delays in production, experienced by a manufacturer in Fall 2022, have led to shortages affecting at least 11 manufacturers of Adderall or generic versions. cannabis for ADHD UK Healthcare professionals have noted the challenges faced by patients trying to fill their prescriptions, particularly impacting young individuals with ADHD. The shortage underscores the importance of reliable and consistent access to ADHD medications for patients to maintain their functionality and well-being. cannabis for ADHD

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