KAWS Moonrocks


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KAWS Moonrocks is a limited edition collaboration between the American artist KAWS and the French fashion house Dior. The collaboration was first unveiled during Dior’s Men’s Fall 2019 runway show in Tokyo, where the collection was showcased alongside a giant KAWS BFF statue. The KAWS Moonrocks feature the signature KAWS “BFF” character, which is an interpretation of Mickey Mouse with crossbones for eyes and X’s for hands. The character is embroidered on the sneakers in a tonal grey color, which is reminiscent of the texture of moon rocks. The sneakers also feature Dior’s signature Oblique motif on the upper and a translucent sole that reveals a “CD” logo. The KAWS Moonrocks were released in limited quantities in April 2019 and quickly sold out. The sneakers were highly sought after by sneaker collectors and fans of KAWS and Dior alike, and continue to be a highly coveted item in the secondary market.

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