Marijuana, pot, weed, ganja, or whatever you choose to call it, has an intricate history that dates way back to ancient times. But did you know that the modern-day cannabis plant we adore today wouldn’t be what it is if not for the cannabis black market?

The journey of marijuana from being a closeted substance to a booming billion-dollar legalized industry is nothing short of intriguing. In this post, we will explore how the cannabis black market contributed to the development of the plant we all love.


The cannabis black market helped shaped the plant in several ways. Firstly, the black market provided an underground testing ground for strains that would later become popular in the legal market. The underground growers were experimenting with new hybrids that produced more flower and higher THC levels. Thanks to the black market, we now have strains such as Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush, and Sour Diesel, among others.

Moreover, the black market encouraged illegal growers to invest in better cultivation technology. To avoid getting caught, underground growers had to employ techniques that would help them remain undetected. Such investments led to more sophisticated and innovative cultivation systems than those used in legal cannabis operations today.

The black market’s illegality created something of a rebel culture around cannabis, and the people involved demanded the best. So, growers had to perfect their craft, producing cannabis of higher quality, aimed at discerning, knowledgeable consumers. The culture created an emphasis on growing practices that prioritized environmental sustainability and quality that make marijuana stand out from other crops in California.

The black market also forced prohibition states to crackdown, with the result of growers having to move their operations indoors, a practice that led to quicker marijuana growth and producing potent strains. While the indoor growth of cannabis received notoriety in the mainstream media as something damning by the 1990s, it had already crossed the diffusion process amongst growers and took center stage in many states legalized cannabis programs. COLORADO DISPENSARIES THAT SHIP NATIONWIDE REDDIT

Finally, the cannabis black market catalyzed several strains’ popularity, which made their way to medical dispensaries and recreational facilities in legal states. These strains’ popularity came from their underground culture origins, with the likes of Northern Lights attaining legend status amongst consumers.

The cannabis black market played a significant role in the development of marijuana as we know it today. It paved the way for innovative growing techniques and technology, which enhances marijuana quality, taste, and potency. Cannabis enthusiasts owe a lot to the undervalued underground growers who helped push the plant and culture to the forefront. Today’s legal marijuana industry respects the roots of underground cannabis growers and hopes to honor them by continuing the legacy of great cannabis artisanship that will last for generations.

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